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Just Giving Back connects donors to not-for-profit organisations across Australia, supporting a wide range of causes across our great country. 

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To support not-for-profit organisations all over Australia, one small donation at a time.


No matter how big or small, we support any not-for-profit organisation across the country that we believe in.


We believe in including everyone, and actively support minority groups through our not-for-profit partners.


We use the world’s biggest media platforms to spread our message, helping to raise as much as possible.


We believe in a simple approach to fundraising, and everything is 100% transparent and honest.


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John’s Story – Berry Street

“At just two years old, John has been through more than most people would in their lifetime…”

John was removed from his mother as a baby, but was later returned home. This was disastrous for him and at 18 months he was removed again and placed with foster carers. He couldn’t walk, talk and was delayed in many aspects of his developmental milestones. Most adult contact terrified him.

With the love, persistence and expertise of the foster carers and the team supporting them from Berry street, John quickly made up the progress he had lost.

He celebrated his second birthday as every two-year-old should – curious, feeling loved and engaged in the world.

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